Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology Assignment 2 is aimed at getting you to reinforce and think more deeply about big concepts weíve learned during the second part of the course. I want you to show me that you are developing a capacity to think about and use the course content in creative and useful ways.

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology
Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology

In this assignment, youíre going to be using concepts from the course to help you understand

(a) events from your life history or (b) possible scenarios in your future career. In other words, you will be reflecting on events of relevance to your life, but from a psychological perspective.

Format, Length, & Style Requirements

You will submit a single document that consists of:

  1. a) one title page
  2. b) two brief papers
  3. c) one references page

Format & Length. Your full assignment must be submitted as a single Word file

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology

(.doc or .docx) or PDF file (.pdf). Note that a PDF file is your safest bet if you want all formatting to be correct in your submission. Use APA style for formatting, citations, and references in your assignment, including your title page.

Each of your papers should be 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font, double spaced, and with margins of 2.54 cm (1 inch). Each of your 2 papers is required to be approximately 2 double-spaced pagesóover or under by a few lines is okay. Each paper should start on a new page within the same document and should include a brief but descriptive title at the top of the first page (e.g., My Experiences with the Fundamental Attribution Error).

Sources. Use the key textbook chapters as your source

You must use APA format to cite the textbook where youíre required to do so and reference it in the references section. If you are citing information from the textbook where the textbook authors cite another source, you would cite it as such, for example: (Smith & Donaldson, 1983; cited in Wood et al., 2017). If you do this, you must reference both the primary and secondary sources. Do not use any general online websites about psychology in this assignment. This includes Very well Mind and Simply Psychology (i.e., do not take information from these sources to use for your paperóI shouldn’t see them cited or referenced).

Style. Each paper should be clearly written and coherently structured. In other words, your writing will need to be easy for the reader to understand and should be laid out in an organized fashion. Note that we are not using any quotations from your readings or elsewhere in this assignment all your writing must be in your own words.

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology Topic Requirements

For your 2 papers, please select any 2 of the following topics to write about. Getting specific and focusing on learning from readings and class are critical to this assignment, so make sure to base your writing on something specific youíre learning, like a research study. Do not merely report your pre-existing views of what constitutes some topic such as conformityóuse the textbook extensively to develop your thinking and support your writing). Here are your possible topics:

  1. Conformity
  2. Obedience
  3. Social facilitation OR Social loafing
  4. Groupthink OR Group polarization
  5. The five-factor model of personality

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology

Content Requirements: Skill Development and Course Content In each of your papers, you should do the following:

  1. You must correctly use APA formatting to cite and reference the information included in your two papers. Itís your responsibility to do the work needed to understand how to use APA correctly.
  1. Your papers must demonstrate an understanding of the key course content. Your papers should have a logical flow, beginning with a clear description of what your paper is about. You may then define and develop the central concept(s) using the course textbook as your source. Think about how the text conveys the meaning of the concept or topic and try to do so in a similar fashion. For example, are there any terms, ideas, or examples used in the text to explain your chosen topic? Are there any research studies or examples noted in the text that help you to clarify the concept for your reader? In any case, make maximum use of the course resourcesónever base your paper largely on your own ideas without building those ideas upon the course content! No quotations.

To demonstrate sound understanding papers should also be clearly written, with coherently structured sentences, strong grammar, and word choice that adequately conveys your intended meaning. If your writing is unclear, it will be more difficult for me to see that you ìget itî. Imagine writing for your best friend or your uncle, supposing of course, that the chosen person has no experience with the psychology (what would you need to say so that they understand all concepts?).

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology
  1. Your papers must apply the selected concept to either (a) some event from your life history or (b) your future career. This part of your paper should focus on demonstrating your understanding of the selected course material by applying it to some aspect of your life. Select only one example to develop sufficiently. Do not briefly present several examples. You may consider something that happened to a friend/family member or something that happened to you. (i.e., are there events from your life history that capture the essence of the Fundamental Attribution Error?).

Alternatively, you may consider how the selected concept applies to your future career.

If you’re uncertain about what that future career might be, you might think about your ideal career or a career that is directly tied to your current program.

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology Grading Criteria and Checklist

This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade. Below you will find a checklist of what I want to see in your two papers. If you can’t tick the boxes below, consider revising your papers until you can.

Here is your checklist for each paper:

® Did you appropriately use APA to cite and reference all information that did not come from your own thoughts? (You must cite and reference information that comes from the text or other sourcesóeven if itís in your own words).

® Have you successfully demonstrated an understanding of the key course content?

In other words, does your paper show me that you understand the concept or topic area and how it functions in the real world?

?? Is your writing clear? Check for errors in spelling and grammar. Check for confusing sentence structure and poor organization. Check for unnecessary sentences that distract the reader from your main purpose.

Applying Very well Mind and Simply Psychology

?? Did you convey your intended meaning as clearly as possible? I canít tell whether you understand the concepts if the meaning isnít clear. Look for strange wording and weird sentences (get a friend to do so too!).

?? Is the information reported correctly or are there errors in the reporting of concepts or studies?

® Did you successfully go beyond class and text to apply the course content using one personal real-world example?

?? Was your application or real-life example as clear as possible for the reader to understand?

?? Was your example clearly linked to the appropriate course content? In other words, did your use of the example make sense?

?? Would your example help the reader to understand the nature of the chosen concept? Check it with a friend who is not in the course!

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