Arab Spring in Libya and Yemen and Syria

Arab Spring in Libya and Yemen and Syria The topic of this paper will be the Arab Spring in the countries of Libya, Yemen, and Syria. The writer must identify the issue, the parties, the interests, the forces, the appropriate theories and/or framework for understanding the interrelationship among power, authority, legitimacy, and voice.

Arab Spring in Libya and Yemen and Syria
Arab Spring in Libya and Yemen and Syria

The writer must use five peer-reviewed articles (during the semester I had summarized the five articles, so I can send the citations for these articles or send you the summaries), each article must be mentioned at least once. The textbook we used for this class should be a source used in this paper, the book is: Theorizing Power, the author is Jonathan Hearn. 2 theories of power or authority from this book must be related to topic of the paper, the theories are by (Max Weber, Machiavelli) or others that are in the book, but it would be better to use at least of those two. The writer must have a sophisticated, unified thesis that is thoroughly supported. The writer must consider the evidence, or alternate interpretations of evidence that could be used to refute or weaken his argument, and thoughtfully respond to it (counter-evidence). All evidence must be cited in the text and in the list of references in the ASA style.

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