Art Visual analysis Essay Assignment Paper

Art Visual analysis
Art Visual analysis

Art Visual analysis

For your Final Paper, you are to choose
one artist and one work of art by that artist and give a 2 page visual analysis of that work of art.

I expect 1 cover page, and 2 FULL pages of text, Times New Roman font, 12, double spaced.
Do not adjust the margins, do not increase the size of your text, do not plagiarize!

You are also to include an image of the work of art you have chosen on the cover page.

Your chosen artist/work must either be a living contemporary (recognized) artist, or a historical artist. I love your kids/nieces/nephews/friends/grand kids, but I do not want to see finger paintings for this assignment.

1. Introductory paragraph
2. Introduce your artist and the piece you chose
3. Discuss the visual properties of the work
4. What does this piece communicate to the viewer?
5. Why did you chose this piece?
6. Conclusion

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