Article Critical Analysis Assignment Paper

Article Critical Analysis
Article Critical Analysis

Article Critical Analysis

In the Introduction briefly identify the article and author(s) and briefly summarize their topic and thesis.
In the Analysis of the Article section: You must cover all of these questions.
• What is their topic, issue, and major & minor claims.
o Are they claims of fact, policy or value? Elaborate
o Are they relevant, recent, reliable, and accurate? Elaborate
o How do they support their main claims?
• What is the problem being addressed? Are the researchers addressing a misinterpretation, a gap, or a modification that needs to be made in how others have in addressing the topic or issue?
• Who are identified as important/touchstone thinkers on your issue and what makes them important?
• How do the authors build on and extend what others have argued?
• Do they make any concessions or acknowledge counter-arguments?
Then for the Research Relevance section analyze in terms of relevance to YOUR research. Some examples of things you might cover are (IN THIRD PERSON ONLY):
• What content can be used for your research paper?
• What are the areas of agreement and disagreement (from what you know) that may cause tension?
• What was profound or new in the article?
• What were the strengths in content?
• What keywords (theories, concepts) from the article can you use as the basis of section headings?
Describe in narrative fashion, not as a list.
Then conclude with a brief summary of your analysis of the articles overall effectiveness and relevance to your research based on the above consideration
Follow all APA guidelines for title page, running heading, page numbers, margins, spacing, citations, and reference page. One primary peer reviewed source must be used to create four APA in-text citations (direct quotes or paraphrasing). Level 1 and level 2 headings are also required. Use the headings to help “answer” the above major prompts and Turnitin is enabled. Plagiarism (generally a score above 15-20%) will result in a zero on this paper. Rubric is posted in Canvas under Assignments. First, submit your paper to Criterion by March
29, after Criterion gives feedback on how to improve your paper, then make the necessary changes and
upload to canvas by (or before) April.

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