Effective environmental education

Effective environmental education
Effective environmental education

Effective environmental education

What describes an effective environmental education? Can one truly grasp the importance of that statement in a classroom? Or does one have to be immersed in a natural environment to comprehend the message? Life as we know it, all comes down to a cause and effect relationship, which contributes to the understanding of all environmental impacts. What we do today will affect our future, no matter how miniscule the task. Moreover, effective environmental education can be characterized by three words Awareness, Engagement, Adoption. Enlightening the uninformed of how their actions can trigger, an alleged ripple effect. Furthermore, an immersion into the natural elements allows the person to comprehend first-hand what is to be considered careless or a mindful act. Every human on this earth has a part to play when it concerns the environment, it all starts with an idea.
The Cause and Effect relationship allows one to truly comprehend their actions by analyzing their decisions. For instance, hypothetically I decide to litter, I throw my straw on the floor, eventually that straw would make its way into the ocean and lodge itself in a hungry sea turtle, causing severe injury to the turtle. My one miniscule decision converted itself into a detrimental conclusion all due to the fact, that I was not aware of what my environmental impact could transpire into. Moreover, effective environmental education can be characterized by three words Awareness, Engagement, Adoption. Awareness, is the fundamental aspect of environmental education. Enlightening all the uninformed of how wasteful mindsets are destroying our future. As of recently, there have been much talk regarding ocean pollution. Every year 8 million tons of plastic / waste is dumped into our oceanic fronts. Due to that fact, marine ecosystems have been attacked by certain weapons chemicals and microplastic, decimating aquatic life. Engagement, is the act of acquiring knowledge about what has been brought to light. Educating those who are eager for a better world as well as disciplining those who cannot comprehend their impact. Since, becoming aware of my actions I have taken it upon myself to immerse myself in the world of ocean pollution. Understanding how everyone at one point has had a wasteful mindset and how it correlates to ocean pollution. Going out to nature then seeing the ripple effect, a great example was going out southwest shores and witnessing the red algae bloom disaster. In addition, comprehending new sustainable ideas/views to combat wasteful mindsets. Adoption, is the trickiest aspect to environmental education. People are all about changing their habits but when it comes down to it, they do not succeed. Starting small is the key to adoption. Allowing one to grow everyday by their one act until eventually sustainable acts are as easy as breathing. Learning from the engagement and utilizing those ideas to be one with the earth. For instance, I have started small by recycling then reusing to eventually reducing, doing my civic duty for the earth. However, it made me want to do more, therefore, currently I am working on a sustainable, eco-friendly water bottle. A bottle that after a certain amount time one can put it into a compost and watch it biodegrade. Without becoming aware then engaging on the crisis of ocean pollution, I today would not be contributing to the cause.

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