Asch’s Conformity Study Review

Asch’s Conformity Study PPT Presentation. For this assignment, you will research the topic (Asch’s Conformity Study) thoroughly and create a PowerPoint presentation detailing what you learned. Be sure to go beyond what is in the text and actually search for new research on the topic. You will also include photos or videos, such as YouTube links, in the presentation. This is due by Thursday, 5 December 2013. Reference book is Social Psychology Goals in Interaction. 4th Ed. By Kenrick, Neuberg and Cialdini. If you are in requirement of my access to Psych info link through my school please let me know. Otherwise you can go online to research the study and complete the PPT presentation. If unable to reference my book, I will go behind you and add the details of it once you have sent it back to me with what you have found. No plagarized work please. My school, St. Leo University has software to detect it.

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