AT and T and Focus on Securities Fraud Issues

AT and T and Focus on Securities Fraud Issues Double Spaced, Times New Roman – 12 Font, APA Format with the Cover page and reference page. At least 2 references. Need an introduction, a significant finding or outcome and a conclusion or recommendation.

AT and T and Focus on Securities Fraud Issues
AT and T and Focus on Securities Fraud Issues

Need to focus on SECURITIES FRAUD issues that AT&T had, Issues and Conclusion. AT& T has paid over 270 million for multiple offenses.
Ronald W. Clement, Just how unethical is American business?, Business Horizons, Volume 49, Issue 4, July–August 2016, Pages 313-327, ISSN 0007-6813,
Abstract: This study of reports in the business news between January 1, 2000, and June 30, 2005, found that as of 1999, 40 corporations in the Fortune 100 had committed behaviors that can be considered unethical. The behaviors of concern included three types of fraud (accounting, securities, and consumer), discriminatory practices, undisclosed executive pay, antitrust activities, patent infringement, and other violations of the law. Based on the “unacceptability” of the misdeeds committed, this article ranks the 40 firms into three categories. Further, it uses research on business ethics and the behaviors of executives, boards of directors, and even government officials to suggest why these unethical behaviors were allowed to happen. Finally, it concludes with recommendations for improving business behavior and suggests important roles for future business leaders and the broader American public.

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