Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy Case Study

Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy
Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy

Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy

Watch the following Ethics in Action video vignette and answer the questions. (Please note that some of the questions may be different than in the Ethics in Action workbook). Responses should demonstrate critical thinking and insight and should be of sufficient length to address each question completely

#19 Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy The client (LeAnne) states that she can no longer afford to pay for therapy. However, she really does not like to think about terminating. The counselor (Natalie) takes the initiative of suggesting a bartering arrangement, indicating she would be open to trading manicures and haircuts for therapy services.

What are the prominent ethical issues for the counselor Natalie in this vignette and what is your impression of how she handled the situation? Explain.

If you were Natalie, how would you have handled this situation? How would you have responded if the client LeAnne proposed a bartering arrangement? Explain.

Would you ever consider bartering if a client was unable to pay for therapy? If so, what considerations would you examine in deciding whether or not to engage in bartering?

What other options besides bartering might exist in this case?

in order to increase your knowledge and level of understanding of course topics and improve your critical thinking skills (and earn additional points), please consider including items in your discussion posts (and other assignments where appropriate) as follows:

  1. thoughtful explanations;
  2. examples that support your views and thoughts;
  3. additional information;
  4. counterpoints with explanations; and
  5. valuable questions which may bring to light new perspectives or ideas

Resources use the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics As Approved by the ACA Governing Council book name – Issues & Ethics in the helping professions by: Gerald Corey, Marianne Scneider Corey, Cindy Corey.

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