Bimodal/Bilingual in deaf children Term Paper

Bimodal/Bilingual in deaf children
Bimodal/Bilingual in deaf children

Bimodal/Bilingual in deaf children

Theory of Learning Language relevance to deaf children (Bimodal/Bilingual)

In this research paper you will write a paper that is relevant to theory of learning language (Bimodal Bilingual) in deaf children.

This paper has to be fall 8 pages (don’t include the cover page and references list page too). It should be double spaced using a Times New Roman, font of 12 points, free of grammatical errors and in APA style, including a reference page. The research a theory pertinent to learning language using at least 7 articles, researches, studies, and books that have been published after 2006 and write about the theory, giving the background, relevance to deaf children and how the theory is applied.

Some suggestions (outlines) for paper organization … (Bimodal/bBilingual)
1. Background (History), deficient for Bimodal Bilingual theory.
2. Who discovered (founder) this theory?
3. Important strategies for applying the theory to deaf education (class).
4. Advantage and disadvantages
5. Supporters of the theory, some do not support the theory
6. Applied it with the deaf, and how it effective on deaf, and what are its benefits.

Make sure:

  • Cover all the details in outlines in the above in one essay in fall 8 pages at least.
  • Use APA style for citation.
  • Provide me with the numbers of the pages, column, and lines from which you got the info. I have to show my instructor the info that you wrote. For example
    (Raphael, 2010, P.1, C.?&L.3-5). Also, I’d like you to provide me all references in a PDF or Word file in attachments. (very important)
  • You have to use 7 references that have been published after 2006 on this research paper and related to theory of learning language in deaf children
  • Don’t use British word (just US word).
  • Don’t use British words (only US word) when you writing.
  • Don’t use resource that you can’t provide it me as PDF or Word files.
  • Don’t use Wikipedia as resource.

Here some guide lines which will be help:
1- Google the research Plaza-Pust. She is a Spanish researcher who studies Bimodal Bilingual deaf children.
2- Other researchers (Laurene Simms, Suganne Scott, Ofelia Garcia).
3- Define modality (visual, auditory, tactile, writing)
4- Bimodal compare 2 or 3 modalities.
5- (Sign + Speak “same time”, Sign then Speak “separate”, CODA – Talk)
Note: I will provide you with a hard (pdf) copy of the some articles that maybe help you to understanding this theory (Bimodal/Bilingual).

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