Business Letter Format and Communication

Business Letter Format and Communication Order Instructions: After much thought and research, Mr. Ellis bought his wife a pair of emerald earrings as a 40th wedding anniversary gift.

Business Letter Format and Communication
Business Letter Format and Communication

Unfortunately, the post on one of the earrings snapped off the first time Mrs. Ellis tried to wear them. Mr. Ellis was furious: the earrings cost $4000. He sends Smythe Jewellers (where you work) a letter demanding a full refund. Decide what you can do for Mr. Ellis and send him a partial bad newsletter with a suggested compromise. Be sure to bear in mind the important principles that govern this kind of letter and present your response in an appropriate business letter format. (20 marks)

Business Letter Format and Communication Sample Answer

Business Communication


Mr. Ellis

Re: Refund question

Dear Sir

This letter is a response to the complaint letter you presented concerning defective earrings that we sold to you. As the manager of this company, I would like to apologize for the products that we sold to you and affirm that this was unfortunate. We do value every single customer we receive and for the last 10 years, we have delighted ourselves as one of the stores that value quality. This was unfortunate but as the company policy, we have been forced to reach a compromise.

The management looked into the issue and reached a solution that was in tandem with the policies governing such complaints. The decision reached is that you will have to return the defective earrings to the company. The company will replace the earrings with those that cost $ 3000.  This, therefore, means that your demand for a full refund will not be accepted. This decision was done in the best interest of the company in line with the company policies as a way of its commitment to providing its customers with better services.  The company policy is that once goods are sold, the customer is responsible for any damages incurred. The nature of the earrings damaged will be assessed to determine whether they were defaulting at the time of sale or not.

As a company, we have taken our responsibility to ensure that you get value for your money. This decision even though may not appear to meet your demands, we ask you to bear with us. We thank you for shopping at our stores and look forward to seeing you again as our customer.

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