Business Planning and Management Functions

Business Planning and Management Functions The object of the term paper is for you to look beyond the text or what has been introduced in the class.

Business Planning and Management Functions
Business Planning and Management Functions

You will need to pick one of the four management
functions (Planning-Organizating-leading-controlling) and research it using the Web or outside reading source to find two (2) articles on the same management
function. Review both articles and compare the similarities and differences. Describe the areas that are similar in your own words and if different which
position you prefer. In your conclusion explain how you would use the information learned and how you might apply it in your current role if you had the
When you have completed your review post it in the Term Project discussion board. Identify the management function you chose and a brief (2-3 sentences)
introduction of the paper. Attach the paper to your post for others to review. Attaching your paper as a document maintains the formatting and appearance of
the paper meeting the first requirement of the grading rubric.

Business Planning and Management Functions Grading Rubric

Format: Title – Topic and your name. The paper should be double spaced and at least 500 words or about two pages. Separate your ideas and sections of the
paper. Use white space to make it more readable.
10 points: Well formatted paper with No spelling errors. The paper should include an introduction, body and conclusion. The source and location (Web URL if
used) of the articles should be listed at the end of the paper. You may list them or create a bibliography.
30 points: The body of the paper comparing the two articles.
10 points – Conclusion – How will you use this information? Or: If you are not in a role to apply the information how does it relate to the material we have
covered in class. Does it support the position the text takes.

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