Camel Based Report on Model Retail Store

Camel Based Report on Model Retail Store Based on what you have learned from the course, you are to plan a new retail store.

Camel Based Report on Model Retail Store
Camel Based Report on Model Retail Store

The following parts should be incorporated into the written report on your Model Retail Store:
I. An annual business plan containing a budget and measurable objectives, including:
a. Store profile (describe your store)
b. Customer analysis (market segmentation and which segments you will target, wants/needs specific to target market)
c. Strategic Retail Planning Process (CH 5)
i. Mission statement
ii. Situation audit (market factors, competitive factors, environmental factors, and analysis of own strength and weaknesses)
iii. Identify strategic opportunities
iv. Evaluate strategic opportunities
v. Establish annual objectives
vi. Develop a retail mix to implement strategy
d. Budget, which must include at least: (CH 6) (also show calculations if calculated number)
i. Revenue sources and expected sales per source
ii. Cost of goods sold
iii. Gross margins
iv. Gross margin percentage
v. Net profit margins
vi. Profit and loss statements
vii. Inventory (asset) turnover ratio and its calculation
viii. Return on assets and its calculation
e. Sales Forecast
f. How the plan will be monitored for performance
Our Products include:
Icecream made from Camel milk two flavors chocolate and vanilla Flavored Camel Milk : strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla
Chocolates: different packaging size and different type dark or milk also made from camel milk
The Store should be based in DUBAI UAE
All prices should be in UAE DIRHAMS
THE CONTENT should be based on Dubai UAE
So the situation analysis and all that should be in the uae context
The store is a camel products based specialty store
make sure to include:
Type of retailer
Department store, discount store, etc.
Retailing Mix –
Physical layout

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