Canadian criminological issue Essay

Canadian criminological issue
Canadian criminological issue

Canadian criminological issue

Margins: One-inch margins on all sides
The purpose of the assignment is to illustrate a solid knowledge base and understanding of a Canadian criminological issue by writing a formal academic paper. This assignment will enable you to practice your writing skills and there will be some in-class guidance on how to make your paper organizationally and structurally sound. Beyond the classroom handout on ‘writing tips’, it is up to you to follow proper APA format, as was mentioned by the librarian during the library orientation. Be sure to follow proper citing and referencing. Citation sources can be obtained on the library website.

Please select one of the following paper topics:

1. List and describe several factors that are most important in shaping the public’s perception of crime and in influencing national crime prevention policies.

2. Sociological perspective are important to the study of crime. Select three social structural/social learning and/or social control theories and use these perspectives to account for economic crime.

3. Criminology benefits from integrating insights from other disciplines. Select three biological/psychological perspectives and utilize these frameworks to make sense of violent crime.
4. Select three theories from your textbook (one biological, one psychological and one sociological) to try and account for the causes (etiology) of kids joining gangs. Once you identify these theories, find a journal article that discusses each theory (one article for each theory) and provide a brief summary of the general theories you have selected. Furthermore, analyze how each theory helps explain why certain individuals choose to become members of a gang. Finally, of the three types of explanations – biological, psychological and sociological, which theoretical explanation do you find most profound and why?

5. Discuss the ways in which an understanding of the social dimensions of crime can assist in the development of crime prevention strategies.

6. Discuss what role, if any, the government should play in regulating acts between consenting adults, such as the exchange of drugs or sexual acts. Why do you think prostitution continues to be such a hotly debated topic?

7. Crime is rampant in the lower-mainland and it is said to be largely driven by the poverty-stricken living conditions many people find themselves in. Discuss social structural theories (social disorganization, strain and subculture theory) to help explain why places such as the Vancouver Downtown East-Side or Whalley experience drug abuse, prostitution and high levels of property and violent crime. Formulate an overall opinion on the utility of sociological explanations in aiding in the understanding of crime in specific locales.

8. Describe how the current criminal justice system embodies the classical school principles. Specifically, how does the current criminal justice system reflect some of Beccaria’s ideas and how are Bentham’s ideas reflected in the way judges sentence offenders.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
A Few Basic Grammar Tips
Title page: the front page of your assignment; must include a title of your assignment and your name
Reference Page: the final page of your paper document & references are your bibliography list
APA style: proper citations throughout document as well as listing reference(s) — (see APA library referencing style)
• last name of author and year (Smith, 2001) for citing throughout your paper at the end of sentences that are not your original thoughts
• last name of author, year and page number (Smith, 2001:34) at the end of sentence(s) of direct quotes

or at the beginning of sentence

• Smith (2001) states that……..
• According to Smith (2001)

Academic Honesty is key (do not plagiarize)
Paper should include: an introduction, body and conclusion (you may use headings throughout)
Page numbers: Every page should be numbered, excluding the title page (title page is NOT page 1)
Paragraph = in order for something to be considered a paragraph, must be at least 3 sentences
Direct quotes up to three sentences:
• “Ignorance of the law is no excuse (Smith, 2001: 24).”
• It has been ascertained that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” (Smith, 2001:24).
• According to Smith (2001), “ignorance of the law is no excuse” (24).
Direct quotes longer than three sentences: separate from original paragraph by indenting the quoted text & changing it to font size 10 (no direct quotation marks, only the proper citation at the end of the indented quote); beware of quotation splice – do not use an over-abundance of direct quotes – paraphrase instead

Contractions: Do not use them in formal academic work (can’t, won’t, didn’t)
Numbers in Text: one through ten are written out in the text and all numbers over ten can remain in numeric form

Percent: 25 percent not 25%
Criminology Terms: Criminal Code (caps); Charter of Rights and Freedoms (caps & italics); Criminal Justice System (caps), R.v. Vojkovic

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