Child’s Psychology Essay Term Paper

Child's Psychology
Child’s Psychology

Child’s Psychology

1) Think about a time in your own life (at any age, including the present) where you didn’t regulate an emotion well, a time when you completely “lost it”. You can describe any type of emotion from anger or jealousy to fear, annoyance or even extreme joy. What happened in the situation? What was the result of your inability to regulate? (Remember you can always write about a friend, some one you know etc). Why is emotional regulation so important in our lives?

For the next questions Watch the videos, Parenting in Early Childhood, The Development of Play in Early Childhood, and Imaginary Companions on YouTube and answer the following questions. Be sure to follow the Discussion Board guidelines listed below to be eligible for full credit.

1: Why is play so important and central in the lives of kids during early childhood? What do kids learn through play?

2: Describe the differences between “rough and tumble” and socio-dramatic play. Which type of play do boys and men do more? Why is this style so important to children and what do they learn from it?

3: Do you think as adults we have “lost” the playfulness, fun, and creativity  that we had in early childhood? What happened?

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