Climate Change IS REAL Essay Paper

Climate Change IS REAL Essay Paper You are writing an essay arguing about whether climate change is real.

Climate Change IS REAL Essay Paper
Climate Change IS REAL Essay Paper

The requirements:

1) You should present your argument and back it up with evidence.

2) You should present the arguments that are usually made by people on the other side of the issue and explain why they are wrong. Make sure that you take your time dismissing the opposition arguments.

3) If you argue that climate change is real, then you must also explain what we should do about it. This can mean on a personal level, on a government level, and/or on a global level. You may want to include measures that already have been taken in order to show whether they have been or will be effective or not.

Climate Change IS REAL Essay Paper

4) Minimum length is 4,000 words.

5) A minimum number of sources cited in the essay is 10.

6) Your sources must be clearly separate sources. You may not use two sources that have the same origin; in other words, no two sources from the same website or author.

7) You must format your citations correctly.

8) You must format your Works Cited page correctly.

9) Your essay must be well edited.

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