Comment why agree or why you disagree

Comment why agree or why you disagree
Comment why agree or why you disagree

Comment on why you agree or why you disagree

Essay 1
Culture and Effective Communication

Culture is an aspect of everyday life, we are involved in culture when we are in public, at work, or at school.

Culture may make you think of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and so forth, while this might be true, in the work space these translate into things to be wary of. Culture is best defined as ìa learned set of shared interpretations about beliefs, values, and norms that affect the behaviors of a relatively large group of people (Adler 32).

Verbal and nonverbal communication play a big role in today’s society, these two are very important to any company in order to effectively communicate ideas and understand the point people are trying to get across. Nonverbal communication seems to be the hardest to follow sometimes as you have to pick up on facial expressions, hand movements, etc. Verbal communication is self-explanatory, as it’s the communication expressed with words.

Nishimatsu Haruka is a man of wisdom and I think he should be the model for a lot of CEO’s. He takes pride in his company by treating himself just as another employee.

Some of the ways he does this include, a desk that looks just like any other employees, he eats with all the employees, he tales the bus to work, and he is always around talking and engaging with people. This creates a sense of care and appreciation between him and his employees.

This ties in with the culture he is creating within the company, as he says in the video, he is trying to make it so that he is not seen as this CEO that flourishes himself in things and not providing for his employees.

This is why he takes the bus and doesn’t have a fancy car to take him to work, or a fancy office just for him. He makes the employees feel more connected to the company as well because he is always around them to talk.

This also is a great way to strike great communication with him about things that can be changed within the company. He does a great job of creating dialogue with every employee he comes across, whether it be a flight attendant, maintenance worker, or analytics worker he is always communicating.

This is what drives the sense of care into the culture he is creating. Along with this dialogue he creates nonverbal communication which shows more of his heart. In the video you can see him lending a helping hand to a flight attendant by organizing and putting away newspapers. This show to them that he is always there to help and lend a hand in whatever department they work in.

Google on the other hand has a great way of using new and innovative techniques to create culture within the workplace. The biggest thing that stood out to me in the video that I think created a communicative workplace is the use of their conference rooms.

They use out of the ordinary conference rooms to make the team/group that is using them feel more comfortable. It’s more of a pillow area with small desks. It’s a nice change from the old and simple long desk with chairs around it….

Essay 2
Communication in the Workplace: How It Can Help

It’s no secret that communication is the lynchpin of not just human, but all society. Take, for example, the human child. Before they have (Chuck, 2017)even left the womb, humans pay close attention to their every movement (typically kicks and punches).

Despite their non-verbal and somewhat involuntary nature, these movements are still appreciated by most parents. As a baby is born, it cries out loud for the first time. These screams are celebrated as a sign of life – a successful birth.

As they progress into early childhood, human society places further emphasis on the child’s first words and as they grow and eventually become adults the expectations that society levies on their communication grows.

Ultimately, humans end up seeking out like-minded communicators to live and work with. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that communication is on the minds of the world’s largest companies. In a competitive job market, it is more important than ever for companies to create cultures of positive communication to attract employees.

As depicted in a 2013 CBS feature on Google (CBS News, 2013), the tech company has invested millions upon millions of dollars into both their facilities and operations to improve the workplace and make their campuses ideal job sites for their employees. Of course, much of the end results are non-verbal.

When Google, or their employees, build a conference room out of bean bags and plush pillows they, intentionally or not, are communicating their values to potential employees and other companies alike.

Google is communicating that they fully support the creativity that lives within their employees and intend to foster that creativity and harness it into greater productivity. It would be easier, and far cheaper, to simply rent a few floors of office space and install wall-to-wall cubicles but Google does not believe in that sort of workplace or the culture that it tends to create….

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