Comparative Case Study of Developed G8 Countries

Comparative Case Study of Developed G8 Countries • Term Paper is based on the comparative case study of Developed (G-8 countries).

Comparative Case Study of Developed G8 Countries
Comparative Case Study of Developed G8 Countries

Less Developed and Emerging Economies with reference to macroeconomic
indicators exhibit the level of income disparity and poverty.
• The paper will evaluate macroeconomic indicators of growth and development of the respective country.
• Write a comparative case study of a ‘Developed Country’ (G-8 country) for example any developed country from G-8 nations. Compare the macroeconomic indicators of any developed country with the same macroeconomic indicators of any Developing / emerging economy (middle income) country for example, Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC), Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey (MIST) or any country from Middle East which is on the path of development.
• You could also compare the macroeconomic indicators of developed country listed above(G-8) with any Less Developed Country (poor country) for example a country with poor economic indicators with people living in abject poverty, for example a country from Middle East, Central Africa or Central Asia.
Information to Include:
For your assigned economy: performance over the last five years of macroeconomic indicators, such as GNP, GDP, GDP growth, GDP per capita, GDP growth per
capita, consumer and producer price index, inflation rates, unemployment and unemployment rates, should be given with a brief analysis as to how they
illustrate the performance of that economy. Information about the country’s economic base is also desirable. Dollar figures should be in PPP (Purchasing
Power Parity) dollars. You may find helpful to insert other data e.g., labor force statistics, labor force participation rates, productivity statistics,
monetary unit, recent business cycle history, interest rates, other relevant features of financial markets, and any other relevant aspects of the macro
economy. The information may also include the current recession and its impact on the economy.
(Note. your paper should have quantifiable data and your analysis or description. Do not just cut and paste data. Data must have supporting statement).

Comparative Case Study of Developed G8 Countries Suggested References

• HDR. Human Development Report.2016. United Nations Development Program
• WDR. World Development Report. 2016. World Bank
• The Economist Economist .com
• WSJ (Wall Street Journal).
Objective: The objective of the term paper is to provide the students an opportunity to identify macroeconomic indicators specially GDP, GNP, rate of
Inflation, unemployment, per capita income and growth of the respective countries. This will enable students to learn and understand theoretical concepts in concrete terms. The aim of this is to serve as foundation for further studies in economics and business. It is hoped by the time you finished this course, you will have a better understanding of issues facing businesses, and macroeconomic role of the Government.

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