Comparing and Contrasting two Website Analysis

Comparing and Contrasting two Website Analysis To fulfill this requirement, you must actually a paper consisting of a comparison and contrasting of two (2) websites.

Comparing and Contrasting two Website Analysis
Comparing and Contrasting two Website Analysis

They don’t have to be GOOD websites, they just have to be related to psychology and on the same topic. It’s your job in this paper to assess the validity and credibility of the information they provide on the topic. So first you must spend a few hours surfing the web looking for two websites on the same topic related to psychology. Then you must put your "critical thinking" or "information consumer" hat on and evaluate the usefulness and trustworthiness of the sites.
For example: Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, brain development in early childhood, motivating employees,
prejudice…there are many possibilities!

Comparing and Contrasting two Website Analysis Assignment Guidelines

The review is to be typed, double-spaced and from 3 ? 4 pages combined least in length. Submit the assignment by email. I can accept: WORD, WORKS, WORD PERFECT, OPEN OFFICE and faxed documents as a last resort.
Each review must include the following elements:
1. URL and date of your visit.
2. Name of individual, corporation, institution or school who created and maintains the site.
3. An appraisal of the format in which the material is presented at the site (easy to read, good illustrations etc.) Feel free to compare your two sites – If a friend were seeking information on this topic, would you recommend one over the other?
Both? Neither?
4. Three things you learned from visiting the site. If you didn?t think the site was very good, give three reasons why you formed this opinion.
5. Refer to the links on website evaluation for further tips on doing a good website review.
6. To find a psychology website, you can utilize a general search engine such as Google, or Alta Vista, or you can use a psychology search tool such as PsycInfo. Type in a search term ?depression;? ?drug addiction? or the psychology topic of your choice.
7. Look at these sites to learn more about how to evaluate websites:
Here are the two website, please use this two website to finish the essay.

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