Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

For this Contemporary Issues in Marketing assignment I am required to produce an academic paper.
Below are the suggested titles for your paper
It is expected that papers will have two components: concept and context.

  • Concept: for example, models of consumer behaviour/marketing/ethics
  • Context: for example, retailing, grocery shopping, an industry or country. Context could also refer to consumer markets, or business markets.

Please pick one of the following questions (ONLY ANSWER ONE):

  1. Critically examine the place of consumer choice in post-industrial societies. In examining the role of consumer choice critically discuss the view that
    individuals are active in the varied processes of consumption (purchasing, display, re-use, collection etc.) and present the arguments for and against the
    view that consumers passively consume the products and messages developed by omnipotent marketing managers. Provide examples from a range of contexts to support your arguments.
  2. The sale of human organs is a controversial issue but it appears that at the moment there are insufficient donors of human organs such as kidneys. Using a
    range of relevant literature and drawing on your understanding of a range of critiques of markets (and their alternatives) present the arguments for and
    against the development of a market for human organs in the UK and suggest changes you would make to the present arrangements in the UK to increase the supply of human organs. Justify and explain your answer with reference to macro-marketing concepts.
  3. What do we mean by ethical consumption? Outline the various types of so-called ethical consumers and explain their development, behaviours and impact.
    Critically reflect on whether you think ethical consumers are simply a myth. Provide examples from a well-researched market context (such as clothing, or groceries) and suggest how ethical consumption might evolve.
  4. Please do not write a conclusion as I have to combine this with my university and working life. It is originally a 2000 word assignment, I will finish it off
    with a conclusion myself. So the 1650 words can be the main body maybe? and I can do the editing to make it 2000 words.

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