Credibility and Image Management Speech

Credibility and Image Management Speech The speech outline must be like this example:(
1. Attract the attention and interest of the audience
2. Establish the speaker’s good-will and credibility
3. Reveal the topic in an interesting/intriguing manner
4. Preview the body of the speech

Credibility and Image Management Speech
Credibility and Image Management Speech

1. Organized series of 3-5 main ideas
2. Support in the form of testimony, illustrations, examples, statistics

Credibility and Image Management Speech Conclusion

1. Emphasize the main points of the speech.
2. Give a sense of finality to the presentation)
The outline must be based on this paper (Credibility and Image Management
The Business profession is a very intricate profession that is determined by the manner in which people relate to one another in trying to carry out business
operations. This is one of the professions that deal with people interaction around globally in different settings. These settings may be different in
nature, but they all have one characteristic. This characteristic is based on the fact that the business profession is a highly interactive profession that
deals directly or indirectly with human beings. Dealing with human beings requires certain traits. Some of the most important traits in business are the
ability to influence and make decisions. Without these decisions, it is impossible to maintain a common balance between business and pleasure. Having to influence people and make decisions require credibility. People also have the tendency to judge others based on first impressions (Roberts 695). This means that the image people in the business profession portray to the outside world is important. It determines how well or effective people carry out businesses.

Credibility and Image Management Speech

This paper will, therefore, explain the main concepts about credibility and image management in the business profession. The paper will also establish how well to apply these concepts in the Business profession to influence results.
The Business profession is one that requires trust and honesty. This should be established in all environments of business including between businesses and between people in the business profession. Credibility is the quality attributed to having a certain level of character that portrays trustworthiness and honesty. It is the ability to command the attention of people showing them that an individual is easily trusted and honest in their work and operations.
Credibility in the business profession is the main reason behind why businesses fail or succeed. The level of credibility in the profession determines the
relationships that are established between people and between businesses. It determines how well business transactions and operations can be carried out (Heitschmidt 242).
Image, on the other hand, is one of the most essential things in life. It is more important in the business profession. The manner in which the people in the
profession present themselves to others is important in determining what kind of reception and attention they will get. On the other hand, the manner in
which businesses present themselves determines how well the business is perceived in the market. This may be through customer relations, marketing, and social responsibility among others. It is therefore important to note that credibility and image management solely determine how things are run in the business profession (Roberts 697)

Credibility and Image Management Speech

Credibility and image management are concepts that are established through constant interaction in the business profession. These concepts are built over
time with correspondence between individuals and businesses. It is through personal interactions that people are able to establish whether the people they
associate with are trustworthy enough to carry out business transactions with them. The relationship between the business and the community also determines how credible the business is and enhances their image in society. Credibility may be questioned or determined by first image representation that people in the business profession
Credibility management is applied to certain aspects of the business profession. These aspects include communication, management and compliance with
regulations. Credibility management in communication can be through talking to customers and suppliers. In management, it can be achieved through different internal and external processes in the business professionals that will enhance business operations in the business profession. Credibility is also important in ensuring that the business profession is regulated by rules and standards within the business setting. Image management is also done in the same way (Seiter and Gass 118). So important is image management for corporations, institutions, government agencies, and the like that entire department, divisions, and staffs exist for just this purpose. They may be called publicists, press agents, mouthpieces, or spin doctors, but their goal is the same: to generate favorable publicity and avoid unfavorable media coverage.
Application of credibility and image management
The business profession today experiences many cases that need the application of credibility and image management effectively. As mentioned earlier,
credibility is established through personal relations among people in the business profession. Not only is this manageable, but it is also achievable. To further
enhance the application of image and credibility in the business profession, firms are involved in activities surrounding corporate social responsibility.
This activity is aimed at improving the image of the firm as well as ensuring that they earn the trust and confidence of the community where they are in.
credibility is achieved by businesses creating an image of care, concern, and action to their customers and communities around them. This therefore means that they are involved in various activities that will ensure relationships are enhanced. Examples of these activities include Wells Fargo having a community
initiative program to educate the children of the community who excel in business studies. In addition, McDonald’s established Ronald McDonald House to provide assistance to children and their families as they seek to get medical services. Ethical decision making has also been seen in firms where businesses have decided to go green to enhance environmental sustainability in their communities. All these efforts are geared toward two things. These are to increase the trust that the consumers have in the businesses and to create a business image that is reflective of the corporate values of the businesses.
For individuals in the business profession, the above cannot work for them. They cannot involve themselves is social responsibilities to showcase their image.
However, their credibility and image are shown through the impression and image presentation. The impression is created through different means. Credibility is achieved through personal interactions. This means that individuals need to present themselves well in order to earn credibility. The manner in which the individual talks and relates to various conversations is essential. The conversations that individuals engage in also affect credibility. It is therefore important that individuals are aware of what to say, when to say and how to say it.

Credibility and Image Management Speech

The image is also very important to consider. Personal image obtained from personal dressing and interactions with others is important. Relations between clients and business agents determine how they are viewed and perceived. Managing social network accounts also creates first impressions and paves way for credibility. Having social network accounts that are discriminatory and offensive portrays a different picture about an individual.
Conclusively, credibility and image management in the business profession is very important. This is the basis of forming relationships between businesses
and individuals, individuals and customers and businesses and businesses. Without trust and honesty relationships cannot be maintained. In the business profession, this means that business operations cannot take place. Forming an impression that is reflective of the business values, ideas and systems that individuals and businesses hold is also very important in the business profession.)

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