Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors

Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors You will be asked to act like you are interviewing a professional (i.e., PT, OT, professor, researcher, AT, management/ marketing, MD, nurse, etc.) in your field using the questions below.

Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors
Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate the relevance of understanding sociological and cultural factors in your future profession as well to ascertain the topics in the course that were important to you.
Background Questions
1. Name and Profession
2. Years in the Profession
3. Educational Background
4. What was your career path to where you are today?

Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors and Sociology Questions

1. What social issues do professionals in our field currently face?
2. One thing we learned about in this class was ( insert topic of your choice). How do you see this topic affecting our profession?
3. What social and cultural issues should future professionals be ready to address?
4. How can I prepare myself to be ready to address these issues? What should I expect to gain in the classroom and my field experiences that will prepare to address these social and cultural issues?
5. Is there anything else I should know that would help me prepare for a career in this profession?

Understanding Sociological and Cultural Factors Interview Assignment- Keys to doing well

Question 5 is to help you get more insight from your interviewee but you can ask other questions in addition to the ones listed.
* The goal of this paper is to see how you relate the concepts to your career development. Therefore, I need to see you know concepts from this course and are able to connect them to your interviewee’s responses.
* Your paper should not read like a transcript of your interview.
*You should quote your interviewee throughout the paper using APA. Also, use APA for any references you in make in your paper and have a reference list at the end.
* The majority of your paper should be your analysis of the interviewee’s responses. I am evaluating you; not your interviewee.

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