Critical analysis of current issues in contract

Critical analysis of current issues in contract
Critical analysis of current issues in contract

Critical analysis of current issues in contract

your first written summative assessment of 3,000 words, which counts for the 50% of your overall grade. Please pay attention on the below Task


For completing this Task successfully, you must read carefully the 4th week’s content, Topic Overview II as well the recommended reading materials that are uploaded in this week’s section and relevant articles/journals from USW library.

A strong assignment submission must include the following:

  • Relevance
  • Good Portion of Knowledge
  • Consistent Analysis
  • Argument Structure
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Good Presentation
  • Reference to Caselaw, case studies, legislation and legal theory.

In order to complete this activity you need to consider the following:

(1)Utilize academic research using literature from journals, books, etc.

(2)Undertake a critical evaluation making effective use of evidence and sources

(3)Present findings in an appropriate format (ensure that Oscola referencing is used)

Assessment Task (3000 words):

Critically evaluate whether duress and undue influence together constitute an appropriate law against unconscionable contracts.

Guidelines for completion:

1.The word limit is 3,000 words, +/- 10% inclusive of footnotes. Please note that the references/bibliography is not count towards the word limit so do not including references/bibliography in your final word count.

2.Where you quote directly or take ideas from something you have read you must reference these correctly using the Oscola referencing system, numbered footnotes.

3.Assignments should be word-processed in Times New Roman or Arial 12 point type double spacing and justified.

4.Write clearly and professionally, avoid use of the first person such as ‘I’ or ‘we’ and take pride in the presentation and spelling.

5.It may sound obvious, but make sure you answer the question. A good conclusion is crucial for good marks. Please note that for Law essays there are not wrong or correct answers, but you should support your arguments illustrated by cases, laws and journals/articles.

Length: A word processed essay with referencing to literature. The essay will be 3,000 (+/- 10%) words (inclusive of footnotes, NOT inclusive of references).

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