Critical summary of journal article Paper

Critical summary of journal article
Critical summary of journal article

Critical summary of journal article (mental imagery in the motor context by M.Jeannerod

The only source should be Neural Decoding of Visual Imagery During Sleep and the (cognitive psychology and its implications 8th edition by John r. Anderson also found online (article) (book) chapter4

The second page of your manuscript should include the body-text, in which you very briefly (i.e. about two paragraphs) state which chapter you chose, and summarize the research article that you annotated following the criteria provided in the Body-Text ñ Article description… section of the Assignment Grading Rubric. Specifically, you will need to describe 1) the research paperís topic; 2) its methods, participants, etc.; 3) its key findings; 4) how you actually obtained the article (i.e. Google Scholar or PsycINFO; the key-words used in your search); 5) whether the study was accurately described by Anderson (2015); and 6) the strengths, limitations, and implications of the research paper. This body-text section must include APA in-text citations for the Anderson (2015) textbook, and the article that you annotated.

? The final portion of the manuscript should be an APA-formatted reference list for the sources cited in the body-text of your paper (i.e. the textbook and your article). Although a reference list typically begins on a new page, for this assignment it can follow immediately after the body- text, so as to save trees. If you chose to do this, your manuscript will be a maximum of two pages. Otherwise, your paper will be a maximum of 4 pages, with only your reference list on the last page.

I found this article on google scholar and it relates to chapter 4 int the cognitive psychology and its implications by John R. Anderson

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