Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication

Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication Critical Thinking 1: Global Migration.

Global migration is currently a hot topic in national and international politics. Migration, as discussed in Chapter 1, is one of the key dynamics of globalization.

Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication
Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication

In this Critical Thinking assignment, I would like for you to take an in-depth look at migration and the movement of people both within their own countries and between countries. Please read Chapter 11, pages 318-326. Explain where people are moving and why. What effect is this having on people around the world? How does migration help people and communities? Does migration hurt communities? What would happen if people stopped migrating? Would this ever happen?

Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication

In addition to the information in Chapter 11, you can also include reliable, well-sourced articles and facts to support your arguments. Look for articles in The New York Times, BBC, and/or peer-reviewed academic journals found at your school library. Propaganda and agenda-driven articles will not be accepted and will adversely affect your grade. Please remember you are approaching this topic as an anthropologist. This paper should not be in any way political. Please present an informed, well-organized, unbiased and un-opinionated look at this topic.

Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Communication

Also remember that this paper should be between 2 and 4 pages in length, typed with Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced in black ink and on white paper. All thoughts and sentences that you find in a source must be cited. Our class will use the Society for American Archaeology citation style available at

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