Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper

Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper Explain the difference between a trial court and an appellate court. How do the cases differ at the trial level and at the appellate level? How do the judges differ at the trial level and at the appellate level? How do we know if the outcome of a court decision is a binding authority?

Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper
Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper

Write your answers to the above questions in a 500-word essay, double-spaced, and upload to Blackboard as a Word file. Cite any sources that you use in APA style.

  1. Analyze the qualities and impact of a leader within health care settings.
  2. Reflect on the influences that communication, change, and conflict have on practice decisions and outcomes.
  3. Promote a supportive and educative workplace culture by enlisting the support of team members and contributing to their professional development.
  4. Analyze the role of the manager and the skills and qualities required to make effective decisions and meet health service quality and expectations.

Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper Guidelines for this Assessment

Using an identified model of reflection you will write an essay on leadership which demonstrates your learning from experience within the unit. You may use examples from your in-class group work/or from experience in placement practice. These will fulfill the outcomes as above. Because you are using a reflective model you will need to put in a personal development plan (Action plan) as an appendix.

Frequently asked Questions (in no particular order)

Ï Do I write a personal reflection?

No this is an academic essay and should be written in the third person. You will only use the reflective model as a guide to help you. The assignment is to be treated as a discussion paper and you will be analyzing and evaluating the leadership and management issues as applied to the learning outcomes and practice witnessed. This practice can be in class sessions or on placement areas.

If you are writing about in class sessions look at how this might impact if these were seen in placements.

Ï What about the dates on some references being old (over 10 years)?

There are a number of older references that come up in Leadership and Change is one of these. Lewinsí work is from the 1930s but it is classic text and used for good reasons. Belbin is a similar issue. What is important is to relate it to todayís workplace and perhaps link to the Leadership Academy or to the NHS initiatives.

Ï Can I use international references (non-UK)?

Yes use references that are appropriate, relevant and identify their relevance for what you are saying. There are many papers that come from the US or from Australia and they have similar issues to face. Remember it is about leadership, management and team working so this can apply to any organisation, just apply it to the situation you use as an example.

Ï How many references do I need ñ is it 1 per 100 words?

There is no hard rule. By limiting yourself to 1 per hundred words this may mean that you are not referencing statements made. You need to back up your comments and analysis with reference materials. Do read widely and apply this to your examples from practice. Remember if you write ìResearch (Studies) showî we want to know which! Reference them!

Ï Conflict – what if there was no conflict?

Then donít make one up ñ be analytical as to why there was no conflict. Look at the Tuckman (1965; 1977) stages of team development- yet another older reference ñ and link to where the team was in their stage of development. Or look at whether or not the management and leadership style was responsible for this. You may want to compare the styles from two different placements if there was one good and one not so good.

Ï Personal Development Plan ñ what do I do with this?

Look at what you have concluded and think about which skills you may wish to enhance in the coming months/year. Look at the PAD and use 2 of the items that underpin the learning outcomes. Communication perhaps or personal and people development may be key. You can choose what you feel is most appropriate for you but remember to keep it as a SMART or GROW development.

General tips:

Foundation of US Legal Systems Essay Paper Introduction

Write your introduction once you have finished writing your assignment to ensure you donít tie yourself down. If you do write it first make sure you have included everything identified here within your text. Be succinct in the introduction.

Do not tie yourself down before hand as it means you may miss something in the text. Choose a model (Gibbs model 1988)

Ï Main body of text

Ensure you use complete sentences that actually make sense. Do not use redactions (donít) and please ensure you are using UK spelling and grammar checkers. Check all references are spelled correctly in text and list and check the referencing guidance if you are unsure. Also make sure they are all present in the list.

Read widely and use it. Do not put in a bibliography Ö use the reference.

Check the flow and use complete sentences and paragraphs. Single sentences are not paragraphs. Look at the content Ö does it follow on? If you are changing the subject use a new paragraph.

Cut out and highlight the learning outcomes and keep checking that you are including them all.

Ensure you change all names and use full names rather than Sister X or Staff nurse A as this is more respectful.

In order to develop your essay, you need to consider the following:

Ï Define and discuss how leadership & management influence healthcare practice. Demonstrate your knowledge & understanding of the impact of different styles within any given workplace.

Ï Link leadership theory to specific examples witnessed or experienced in practice and suggests possible alternative actions that could have been taken. Remember to link your discussion to the NMC Code (2018), NHS Leadership Academy Model (2013) and relevant research.

Ï Finally, and briefly, you need to identify areas for your own personal development in relation to leadership, management & teamwork. You need to include a personal development plan attached as Appendix 1 (a maximum of 2 development points are required).

Ï When identifying your own areas for development and writing your personal development plan, it is recommended that you use the 1st person.

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