Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls Writer can pick from any of the 5 options except number 1. On Golden Balls.

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls
Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

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Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

The Cultural History of Spain

This document briefly describes the topics of your final take home essay and oral presentation. Remember that the final exam is taking home. You need to write an essay on any of the five listed topics. This final written essay CANNOT be on the same topic on as the one of your group presentation. You should read these paragraphs as guidelines that can help you to plan your argument. Your answer/oral presentation has to be structured in an essay form; following the formal requirements we have been working throughout this semester. It is very important that at the beginning of your answer you clearly state what you want to argue. You must use at least three bibliographical sources (essay and oral presentation).

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

Include a title. Paraphrasing power points is not allowed. Oral Presentation has to include three reflective questions. Minimum 1500 words; 20/25 Minutes.

1.ó Analyze how does The Golden Balls represent Spanish culture during the mid

1990s. this answer has to bear in mind the political and economic transformation of Spain after the year 1992; just before the arrival of Aznar. Since this movie also represents the Spanish Housing Boom, Luna’s film has to be framed within that epoch (1998) A) Reflect upon the role of Benito’s fantasy. How does he achieve his dream?

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

  1. B) Does Bigas Luna trace any parallelism between patriarchal power and the idea of materialism and accumulation of power? C) What role do women play in this film? How does Benito change throughout the film? Is the geography of the film pertinent? D) What role does the US culture play in shaping Benitoís fantasy? F) How does Benito represent the Housing Boom?

2.ó Select four works from Santiago Sierra (links to his website can be found on moodle). Two of these works have to be new. Discuss how your selected works reflect the dark side of neoliberal capitalism and how this can make you think about the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis. In order to do so you may want to consider the following ideas A) working exploitation, ambition & accumulation of power, greed and as well as the status of politics as a source of power or wellbeing B) the significance of culture in the age of financial crisis C) the moral limits of the market D) the relevance of the idea of national identity in the neoliberal age.

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

3.ó 15M & the Indignados Movement. This essay has to frame the 15M protests within its own pertinent historical and economic period. In order to do so, you may want to structure the content of your presentation in a way that you are able to answer all the questions related with this movement. A) What was the 15M and when and why it took place? Along with the notes you probably took during Catherine’s conference, there are several articles that may allow you to answer these two questions. At the same time, this answer needs to take into consideration the nature of the economic crisis of 2008 B) what were the main claims? Was the 15M a response against the Spanish government or did the 15M have a wider target C) A very important topic related with the 15M is the way in which they occupied public spaces, such as Plac∏a Catalunya or Plaza del Sol in Madrid. For this reason, it is important that you explain how did the Spanish citizens organized their assemblies as well as the role of media. D) Was the 15M just a Spanish movement? In other words, can you relate this movement with anything that took place in the US? This part should present a strong intercultural reflection.

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

4.ó Magical Girl and the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.

This oral presentation has to interpret how does Carlos Vermut reflect the cultural and sociological consequences of the 2008 crisis. In order to do so, you need build a solid argument on the impact of neo-liberalism on Spanish society right after the aforementioned crisis. Check the assigned readings that deal with this issue. Then you may want to consider how the math and literature teacher in Magical Girl behave in regards to their desperate situation. What are the moral consequences of their actions? Do they cross any limit? Are both male characters representative of those Spaniards that suffered the most the austerity measures passed by the Spanish Government? On the other hand, this presentation has to

bear in mind the role of both female characters as the ones that suffer the consequences of

the desperate actions of the male characters.

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

5.ó Tourism

Bye bye Barcelona is an excellent documentary that can be found on YouTube. It offers a wellinformed

and balanced approach to the lights and shadows of tourism in the city in which

you are living. As an economic activity, tourism is spread all across Europe and can affect

the intercultural experience a sojourner might have while being abroad. This presentation

should offer a concise approach to the evolution of the industry of tourism in the city of Barcelona since the 1992 Olympic Games. At the same time, this presentation should demonstrate an awareness of how tourism affects the living conditions of the other: gentrification, Airbnb, neighborhood protests, social initiatives & the new mayor Ada Colay.

Cultural History of Spain On Golden Balls

Furthermore, this presentation should also be a personal account on how a sojourner

maneuvers within a urban space that is affected by tourism. Bear in mind the class delivered

by Jordi Bosch, specially in regards to the contradiction between public policies and the

context of the post-crises in Spain.

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