Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper

Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper Write a 2-3 page double-spaced Discussion Section for a research paper which discusses cultural significance of Kai Davis? ?Fuck I Look Like.?

Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper
Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper

Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper Required Parts

1. An introduction which introduces the topic, the significance of that topic to your academic audience, and the purpose statement or thesis for the discussion.
Topic: Analysis of the YouTube video ?Fuck I Look Like?
Remember that when you introduce a text, you need to specify the full rhetorical situation for that text. Who wrote or performed the text? Who gave the text
a platform to be heard (where was is published or seen?) Who was the intended audience? What was the intended message or purpose this text served for this audience?
Relevance to Your Audience: Your audience is comprised of college students and professors interested in how social, language and literary theories explain identity development in the United States. This would include, but not limited to, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Intersectionality, Queer Theory, and more.
Purpose/Thesis: You will apply any of the readings assigned in class this quarter to this speech. Applying the theories or concepts described in the readings to the speech should result in an insight that helps the reader understand the theory or concept OR an insight that helps the reader understand Kai Davis?
point in her text OR a bit of both.
EXAMPLE: The YouTube video ?Fuck I Look Like? by Kai Davis provides scholars in literary and language theory an interesting text for analysis. When we apply Dr. Beverly Tatum?s concepts of racial identity development and Dr. Derald Wing Sue?s theory of microaggressions, we learn that the poetry teaches us something both in its performance and in its content.
2. THREE to SIX analyses. You will use the texts assigned in this class to analyze three to six different parts of Davis? performance. If you have some complex analyses, you only need three, total, for an ?A?. If your analysis is not as deep or complex, you need to have up to six. I will not read more than six analyses.
EACH ANALYSIS should include:
THEY SAY: A summary of the specific section of the text you plan to analyze.
THEY SAY: An introduction of the source you plan to use to analyze this section and a paraphrase of the specific concept you plan to apply to the section.
I SAY: You analysis of what the application of this theory to this section of Davis? text helps us understand.

Cultural Significance Kai Davis Research Paper Analysis

EXAMPLE of ONE COMPLEX ANALYSIS (Three of these would be an ?A?):
In lines 7 ? 10 of the audio transcript (Appendix), Davis describes the relationship of money and privilege to power and entitlement in the high school classroom. She writes:
7 Like I speak slave and you speak slave master; this isn?t a plantation, it?s a 8 classroom. White people think they run shit because they got money to buy 9 thesaurus. You say, Gargantuan I say, big as shit.
10 Still, big as shit,

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