Current Event Case Study Assignment

Current Event Case Study
Current Event Case Study

Current Event Case Study

For this assignment, you will be analyzing a current event since November 2018 to this semester and juxtaposing it with a past event.

This paper is meant simply to analyze the course of the event, to see how their progressions were different. For example, reasons for the government shut down that occurred in December 2018, with the one in 2013.

  1. What is the central event being discussed? Provide a description.
  2. How is the course of the events different?
  3. What is your assessment of the event?
  4. How did it impact or alter views held in the United States?

In order to receive the MAXIMUM amount of credit, you need to meet the following criteria

Proper Chicago Style citation (footnotes AND bibliography page)

Meet the page requirement of 2-3 pages

Clearly state the purpose of your paper with proper analysis

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