Data Collecting Tools Science Research Paper

Data Collecting Tools Science Research Paper I already started this paper and wrote one page, I need you to add 1 more page.

Data Collecting Tools Science Research Paper
Data Collecting Tools Science Research Paper

It’s a data science paper on Data Collecting Tools regarding a study on the research question: Is Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons a real issue facing our nation today, and if so, how can we minimize its growth? See attached for the paper.

I need you to edit this paper, make corrections, add to it, and take out anything ….make it better!

You must add:

For surveys, please provide an example survey and your survey strategy.

For pre-made datasets, please look around to see what’s out there and tell me what your dataset will look like and what vars you’re pulling from.

Likewise, expand on inner joint charts, polls, and questionnaires.

Give details on how you will organize your disparate sources of data

Add information on where you would acquire the data and how you would acquire it (survey, scraping, pre-made datasets, a partnership with a group, integration of multiple datasets).

I’d like for you to give examples of how you’d use the data acquisition and management tools

Will you need to scrape data?

Will you need to use a relational database to integrate multiple data sources?

What would those tables look like?

How would you go about doing integrating (remember you need to have the same observation level to link the data)?

You’d probably need a relational db to store your data and manipulate it to create a dataset. CITE APPROPRIATELY – MLA FORMAT

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