Diet and Disease Essay Assignment Paper

Diet and Disease
Diet and Disease

Diet and Disease

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Cartoon description: Man ordering at a restaurant: “I’ll have the monster triple burger with cheese and giant fries…oh..and a diet cola. I’ve got to watch my weight!”

Please make every effort to complete your primary post by Wednesday night. In addition to your post, you’re required to make at least two substantive replies to your classmates’ posts that show you’ve engaged with the post to which your are replying.

PART 1: Look at the above cartoon. What is this saying about how we eat? I’d like you to discuss the typical diet of people in the U.S. or another MDC compared to a less developed country (LDC) you choose (for example, U.S. compared to Haiti). How does diet differ among regions (i.e. urban-to-rural, south-north-east-west, poor-to-wealthy communities, etc)? Why does it differ? Are there “S.P.E.E.C.H. reasons? Use material from Chapter 6, web research, life experience and other information to back your position.

PART 2: Do diseases only impact an individual – or can they impact a community or population? Give an example and some details about a disease outbreak in your area, past or present, real or potential. How can local policies or local public health systems reduce risk to their community? Use material from Chapter 7, web research, life experience and other information to back your position.


Diet and Disease

Part 1

The description of carton clearly demonstrates the kind of foods that we eat. Most of us eat fast foods and foods that have lots of fats and cholesterol. Cheese, burgers, giant fries and cola are processed foods and this makes a larger percentage of our diet.  The diet of people in different countries or social economic status differs (Yaktine & Murphy, 2013). For instance, the diet of people in the U.S. is different with that of majority of people that comes from less developed countries such as Haiti. For instance, the typical diets of  a person in US will include  fries, processed foods such as chicken, cookies with less vegetables whereas diets of a person from Haiti will consist of more local foods such as carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Diets therefore will differ in terms of the regions where people are living. The diet in urban center is different from that of rural areas.  In urban centers, people are busy and therefore tend to take more of fast and processed foods as opposed to rural areas where they consume raw food products from their farms. Wealthy communities as well take different kinds of diets from those people from poor communities. Rich people have the capability to choose the foods they want depending on their own interests while poor people are forced to eat diets within their reach. I think there are no S.P.E.E.C.H reasons explaining this.

Part 2

Diseases not only impact an individual but they impact on the community and can as well impact on the entire population. An outbreak in a region will affect individuals as well as entire community. For instance, the outbreak of Ebola in West African countries such as Liberia impacted on individuals, community and population at large. Individual succumbed to death as communities were forced to stay indoors and avoid coming in contact with people.

People were restricted to exchange handshakes as a mechanism to avoid spread. People therefore failed to attend to the workstations and this made many of them to face challenges in providing for their family. The government as well incurred huge costs in its interventions.

Public policies or public health systems are essential and can help to reduce risk to their communities. They do this by creating awareness about such outbreaks to the community to ensure that they take appropriate measure to prevent further infections and spread of the diseases.


Yaktine, A., & Murphy, S. (2013). Aligning nutrition assistance programs with the Dietary          Guidelines for Americans. Nutrition Reviews, 71( 9): 622-630.

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