Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay Instructions: Topic: Divorce: In my culture (Arab culture), divorce is always bad and shameful especially for women, I would like to explain my point of view.

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay
Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay

Format: MLA (1-inch margins, Times New Roman #12 font, double-spaced)

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay

Length: 600 – 1000 (maximum) words

According to one of the college textbooks about writing, “Defining something says what it is–and what it is not” (Bullock, et al 388); similarly, the authors say, “Sometimes a writer will stipulate a certain definition, essentially saying, ‘This is how I’m defining x.’ Such definitions are not usually found in a dictionary–and at the same time are central to the argument the writer is making” (Bullock, et al 396).

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay

For this assignment, you will write an extended definition essay.

An extended definition essay makes a point, uses other patterns of development (narration, description, illustration, classification, compare and contrast, cause and effect, argument), and may use negation and address misconceptions

Example thesis statements for an extended definition essay:

  • Produced by a body, hormones are chemicals that are important to physical as well as emotional development.
  • Euthanasia, the act of ending the life of someone suffering from a terminal illness, is an issue that should not be legislated; rather it should be a matter of personal choice.

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay Assignment Specifics

Your definition essay should be written in third-person point of view. First person point of view is allowed in body paragraphs if you employ personal examples and firsthand experiences to explain the word or concept. However, try to limit the use of the first-person point of view. Overall, maintain a formal tone in this essay as you did throughout the semester (use a formal tone, i.e., professional, no slang, cursing, etc.). Use five-paragraph essay structure, i.e., an introduction with a “hook” and a solid thesis, minimum of three solid body paragraphs that start with very clear topic sentences, and a thoughtful conclusion that includes a clincher that relates to the hook. Use transitions within and between paragraphs. You might have more than five paragraphs. Provide works cited page and in-text citations in MLA format, 8th ed.

Divorce in Arab Culture Definition Essay Note

  • Do not solely rely on the encyclopedia or dictionary definition. The point of your essay is to give your audience your, personal, understanding of the term.
  • Do not pick a topic you are unfamiliar with and do not have personal knowledge or understanding
  • Avoid abstract notions such as patriotism, beauty, justice, love, or being a good sport
  • Avoid circular definitions, using the term itself in an attempt to define. These definitions are weak and do not offer proper explanation.

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