Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership

Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership
Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership

Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership Order Instructions: For this essay (entry) it is required to maintain a weekly journal, documenting important aspects of leadership they encounter over the duration of the module. Entries into the journal may include examples of leadership personally witnessed or insights gained through readings or class discussions.

1)I want 2 entries each one is around 100 words, and each entry is in a separate word document.

2)Entries should be placed in a journal.

3)Entries should be based on your learning experience after reading the attached files.

4)You are free to follow your own format
as long as it is logically structured.

5)Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached.

Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership Sample Answer


The module furthermore has enabled me to appreciate the fact that leadership without the input of followers is futile. Leaders need to appeal and to persuade their followers as well as engage them towards the achievement of a given objective. Leaders have to adapt to specific strategies that will enable them to provide good leadership (Marx, 2013). I have as well managed to understand the differences between leaders and managers. Even though these two people seem to appear to have similar roles, it is not the case.  For instance, leaders aim to spearhead change while managers aim to achieve stability.  Leaders as well must sustain talents in their organization.  People have different talents that can be of greater value to an entity. I have as well come to appreciate the different styles of leadership. Most leaders need to adopt a transformational style in their leadership to influence their followers.

Documenting Important Aspects of Leadership Reference

Marx, T 2013, ‘Teaching Leadership and Strategy’, Business Education Innovation Journal,          Vol. 5 no.  2, pp. 12-19.

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