Double optin CASL Legislation and Email Policies

Double optin CASL Legislation and Email Policies Describe how these lists are managed (e.g, double-opt-in). Do the companies’ email policies adhere to CASL legislation? (Hint: Remember to identify the three parts required by CASL in your analysis.)

Double optin CASL Legislation and Email Policies
Double optin CASL Legislation and Email Policies

If possible, sign up for one of the email or newsletter lists. Describe your experience in receiving (or not receiving) email messages from the company. Do the companies have explicit CTAs and links within their email messages? If so, follow the links and describe the landing pages (including a screenshot.)
Look for a privacy policy on each of the three websites.

Double optin CASL Legislation and Email Policies Essay Assignments

Review the contents and determine if there is any mention of the three CASL requirements for email distribution.
Social Media Channels: Activity & Tone
Discuss the use of social media by these companies. Specifically, focus on which channels they participate on (e.g., YouTube, Facebook) and how frequently they participate.
Complete the basic social media involvement statistics for the three companies below. Gathering data for this table should be straightforward – just visit the site channels and record the numbers. Remember to use your actual company names above each column.
Social Media Channel Your Company
[Active Since/
# of Followers/
# Following] Competitor A
[Active Since/
# of Followers/
# Following] Competitor B
[Active Since/
# of Followers/
# Following]
Table 1. Social Media Channel Statistics
Complete the basic social media activity statistics for the three companies below. I have included “Number of Posts” and “Frequency of Posts” as two sample measures, but you can select alternative measures per channel. Make sure to note if your values are daily, weekly, or monthly.
Social Media Channel Your Company
# Posts/Frequency Competitor A
# Posts/Frequency Competitor B
# Posts/Frequency

Table 2. Social Media Activity Statistics
How would you describe the nature and tone of your company’s activity (versus its competitors) on these social media channels? Are their posts informative, campaign-driven, general interest, formal/informal, or simply re posts of others’ content? Provide sample snippets (text or screenshots) as evidence for your analysis.
Summarize the results of the tables. Are there any explanations for the differences in channel visibility or activity, other than how long they have been active in that space? In your opinion, which company is doing the best job of participating visibly and engaging customers through their social media channels?

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