Short Report on Organization Assessment

Short Report on Organization Assessment All three assessment items can be based on the one organisation. The assessment has been designed so that each piece builds on from the last. An organisation list is on Moodle under the Week 2 grid block(i will upload it as a file). Students can select other organisations for their assignments but the focus cannot be retail and consumption on any of the assignment items. For example, no fashion stores are permissible.
About the Short Report on Organization Assessment assignment
This assignment is designed to extend your knowledge of your organisation and the way its public demonstrate commitment through Facebook. Through studying your chosen organisation (and other case studies and examples that you may uncover along the way) you should build knowledge and understanding of the various ways PR can be used in social media.
Getting started

Short Report on Organization Assessment
PR use in social media

• From Week 1 begin to ‘like’ on Facebook some of the organisations from the list. To get some exposure to the different tactics, it is suggested that you like 15 organisations.
• Select a cross-section of organisations
o Across the three sectors (Not for profit, Public, Private)
o Across fields (e.g. cultural, sports, finance, animal welfare, tourism, events ie. Centenary
of Canberra)

Short Report on Organization Assessment Assignment Guidelines

For the Short Report on Organization Assessment assignment
• Choose 3 examples of tactics that demonstrate commitment from some of your ‘liked’ organisations. (Some examples of tactics will be provided in lectures, tutorials and Moodle to help you understand.)
• Each example for this assignment must be from a different organisation (ie. 3 organisations in total)
• Screengrab the tactic (using phone, tablet or computer)
– Edit and delete the extraneous material (ie stuff that appears on the edges of the
screen such as time, date etc)
– Copy and paste your 3 examples into a document
Content to be included in short report*:
It is expected that reports will contain at a minimum the following elements:
• 500 words of analytical discussion that demonstrate how your chosen tactics demonstrate
commitment to your organization by the public.
• A title
• The identity of each organisation and it’s sector
• Your tactical examples correctly labeled with organization, date of posting, and facebook
• Identification of publics and stakeholders (this may be in bullet form)
• How dialogic theory assists in building a committed public
• A reference list (not included in word count). Please use the APA reference system. Footnotes
are not permitted.
* This is not the order of inclusion in the report but rather a guide to content to be included.
Presentation of Short Report on Organization Assessment assignment:
Write your student number in the header of the document. No other identifiable information such as your name should be included. This is so that your assignments can be blind marked by the teaching staff ie marked without knowledge of who wrote the assignment.
Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS) Registered Provider number: #00212K
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Short Report on Organization Assessment Formatting

Formatting: Please keep the formatting of the final pdf/word doc simple. The final report should be formatted with a white background and plain text. Organisation logos, charts and other graphics that add to the understanding of the content may be included but no design elements such as coloured backgrounds and borders.
PDF your assignment and then upload the assignment to Moodle in the Dropbox located under the week the assignment is due.
Learning Outcome 1 35% Learning Outcome 3 35% Clear, accurate and analytical writing 30%

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