Draft of Learning Theory Application Presentation

Draft of Learning Theory Application Presentation
Draft of Learning Theory Application                                         Presentation

Draft of Learning Theory Application Presentation

In this assignment, you’re tasked with creating the initial draft of a comprehensive presentation on an influential pedagogical theory, how that theory is structured, and its application in a real-world setting.

Note: This assignment will require independent research which mean some out side source. You are required to use at least three outside sources of information. Plan accordingly.

Create a 12-20-slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or another presentation software, including full audio narration, on your assigned theory. The audience for this presentation would be teaching colleagues attending a professional development conference.

Your presentation should include the following requirements:

  • Analyze the key principles associated with your assigned theory.
  • Identify a classroom situation in which you would be able to facilitate a teaching episode through the application of the key elements associated with your learning theory. Explain the application of your theory to this situation.
  • Explain how you would use your learning theory to create an optimal learning environment.

Include at least three APA style references from sources other than what i provide

Read the following articles:

Dweck, C. S. (2007). The perils and promises of praise. Educational Leadership, 65(2), 34ñ39.

Beaty-O’Ferrall, M. E., Green, A., & Hanna, F. (2010). Classroom management strategies for difficult students: Promoting change through relationships. Middle School Journal, 41(4), 4ñ11.

Kraft, M. A. (2010). From ringmaster to conductor: 10 simple techniques can turn an unruly class into a productive one. Phi Delta Kappan, 91(7), 44-47.

Post comments or questions to the Week Six General Discussion.

Video: TED Talks Education

View TED Talks Education,available on YouTube [55:31].

Video: Development in Children

View Motivation and Emotion, available on Discovering Psychology [27:39

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