Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Drinking Water Distribution Systems Using APA style, write a case study that is two pages in length, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font. Your case study should be written in paragraph form.

Drinking Water Distribution Systems
Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Some of the items that you are responding to may have one or two-word answers, but please use paragraph form with good transitions and proper grammar to tie all the concepts together in a well-written paper.

Chapter 7 covers drinking water distribution systems. Select a real city with at least 20,000 people (possibly in Virginia). Contact the water department, review their website, or do other investigations, and write a paper including, but not limited to, at least five of the following items:

-population served and location
-water source (e.g., lake, aquifer, other)
-when the system was first constructed and dates of upgrades
-types of pipe materials in the system
-the initial cost of the system
-design water flow rate for the system
-the approximate total length of pipe in the system
-number of water towers and/or pumping stations
-Indicate the vertical elevation change from the water treatment plant to the lowest and highest elevation home or business served by the water system.
-largest pipe diameter in the system
-problems with the system (e.g., recurring leaks, pipe deterioration, toxic chemical infiltration, chronic low pressure)
-type of disinfection used and whether or not fluoridation is used
-special attributes of which the city is especially proud

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