Drug Development and Toxicology

Drug Development and Toxicology Practical report
High-performance liquid chromatography

Drug Development and Toxicology
Drug Development and Toxicology

This will evaluate the student’s ability to use and interpret data obtained from a laboratory practical investigation using the technique of HPLC (Practical
report, Mainly:1. describe the main stages in discovery and development of a drugs, and discuss the major socio-economic issues surrounding drug
development/usage, & disposition of toxicants;2. discuss and demonstrate the application of key analytical techniques for the identification and
quantification of drugs and toxicants in biological matrices).
(1)Please use this proforma to submit the written part of your assessment for Coursework 1. The proforma is structured and you should adhere to the
instructions provided throughout .
(2) Your text MUST be written in the boxes provided and should be presented in Arial or Calibri 12 pt., with 1.0 line spacing. Smaller text or that presented
outside of, or in additional boxes will not be marked. Your text MUST be word processed and some sections have a word limit (Maximum number in brackets).
Expand the boxes as required in order to fit in your text.
(3) Yow will be asked to append a copy of (a) a standard curve for each analyte, (b) a table relating analyte concentration vs. Day after the accident and (c) a
graphical plot of these data.
(4) Submission will via Turnitin, including tables and figures. These should be clearly labeled and stapled at the end of the proforma.
(5) Please ensure that any references used are from recognized peer-reviewed sources and that both citations in the text and bibliography section conform to
the Harvard System.

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