Economic analysis of Alibaba Essay Assignment

Economic analysis of Alibaba
Economic analysis of Alibaba

Economic analysis of Alibaba (5 years in future)

Why do we use PESTLE? Helps strategic decision making, done at a MACRO level (above the industry) PESTLE analysis for the specific business goal, political and economic factors. Legal factors (PESTEL). You don’t have to analyze all factors; you only need to analyze the economic factor.

Economic analysis of Alibaba Essay Assignment

The goal will be to expand Alibaba (based in china) into the western world. but for that we need to analyse the market with a pestle (only economical factor of pestle) in five future years (2020-2025) included current performance and economical with table, chart and number to see if it’s possible the pros and cons. (Going to encorperate the US election results into our scenarios because of the affect trump could have on alibaba trading with US.) economic means global economy, interest rate, Stability of financial markets etc.

These factors arise directly from the economic activity of a nation or geography, for example, economic growth, exchange rates, productivity and so on.

45.Yellowstone National Park should ban all snowmobiles

Part A

We will be exploring a number of controversies in this course. For this paper, select one of these topics/ issues and create a 3-4-page research argumentative paper. This assignment is more than agreeing or disagreeing with the topic. There must be evidence of thorough research. Possible topics are given below, however, if there is something else that pertains to travel or tourism that peeks your interest, let me know about it. In your paper, provide examples of places, programs and policies where possible. You must include at least three citations from any of the following: a) books b) journals, and c) Government Docs are also possible sources and, of course, newspapers and other non-scholarly journals.

Economic analysis of Alibaba Essay Assignment Topics

  1. Tourism is an appropriate route to economic growth in most developing countries.
  2. Yellowstone National Park should ban all snowmobiles.
  3. Disney theme parks promote global cultural homogeneity.
  4. Enclave resorts in the Caribbean are preferable from both residents’ and tourists’ viewpoints.
  5. Leisure travel by jet plane should be very heavily taxed to reduce carbon emissions.
  6. New Jersey should protect its beaches from erosion at all cost because they are the staple tourist attraction.
  7. Declining industrial cities should invest in art galleries to attract visitors.
  8. Prostitution should be legalized in sex tourist destinations so it can be regulated.
  9. The U.S. should remove its travel ban on Americans to Cuba and other countries.
  10. New Orleans should be rebuilt primarily for tourists.

Part B

Staycations became popular since the end of the last decade.

Explore the attractions in your area and write a list of at least (5)  places you would visit and the things you would do if you had a 1-week  stay-cation. Reflect on your motivations for choosing the items on your list – would they differ for your parents or grandparents?

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