Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper Pick an environmental issue that is both interesting to you and you can find information on easily.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper
Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

o Suggested topics: you do NOT have to do one of these you may choose your own, these are only suggestions.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

? Acid rain, nuclear energy, greenhouse effect, air pollution (automobile or industrial), tropical deforestation, hazardous waste disposal, indoor air pollution, water pollution (agriculture, industrial or domestic), alternative energy (wind, hydro or solar),

Nonrenewable energy, sustainable agriculture, insecticide use, lead pollution, surface mining, herbicide use, heavy metal pollution, soil erosion, world hunger

? The paper must be 5-7 typed, double spaced pages using no larger than a 12 point font. The page requirement does not include the literature cited page, cover sheet nor any illustrations you include.

You must use APA format for the entire paper! Do not forget to include page numbers.

o Do not plagiarize any source or any other student’s work! You will not receive ANY credit.

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

o Use spell check and proof read your paper

? You have 2 options to turn in your paper

o Use the dropbox inside your eLearning course to submit your paper. You may use the following file formats ONLY: pdf, doc, docx, rtf

o Print it and hand it in on or before the due date in your syllabus. You must print using only the front of your paper (no double sided) and it must be stapled.

? Cover page: your name, class name and section number, name of an environmental issue. The cover page does NOT get a page number even though it counts as page one.

? Literature Cited Page: This gets its own page and should include ALL references used. You must have at least 4 references and 2 of them have to be from a peer reviewed (scientific journals) article written in the last 10 years. References to encyclopedias and Wikipedia will not be accepted. You may use only one website and it has to be cited properly according to APA guidelines. You must cite within your paper as well. You must use APA format!!!!!

Environmental Issue and Pollution Essay Paper

Your paper should include the following:

? Statement of the issue or problem

o Why is this topic a problem? What aspects of the topic make it an environmental problem?

? Historical basis of the problem

o When did the problem start? Where? What happened to make the topic an environmental problem?

? Correction of the problem

o What is being done? Is it enough? What more needs to be done? What are your solutions to the problem? What is being done by individuals, groups and societies? What more needs to be done by individuals, groups and societies? Compare and contrast idealistic versus realistic solutions to the problem.

? Advantages to correction of the problem

o Why correct the problem? Why do what you say to do in your solutions? What are the immediate consequences and long-term consequences if no correction is made? What are the benefits to the individual and societies if corrected?

? Disadvantages to correction of the problem

o Why not leave the problem a problem? What are the consequences to other parts of the environment if the correction is made? (By correction, are we trading one problem for another?) What possible negative effects does correcting the problem have? (There is no such thing as a free lunch)

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