Environmental sustainability overpopulation

Environmental sustainability overpopulation
Environmental sustainability overpopulation

Environmental sustainability overpopulation

In this assignment you will take on a topic of interest specifically to you. The papers are a blend of expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing. In the first research brief you will focus on an environmental/sustainability related issues and in the second you will select a topic surrounding the issue of race to cover. These assignments are mean to be a deep dive into a contemporary issue related to the course material.

The relationship can be tangential in your mind but MUST be something you have decided to double down on learning more about and researching. Your job will be to prepare a 4-5 page single spaced pitch/plea for your audience to care about the issue you are presenting and an executive summary of extant research. Your brief will need to come complete with potential counter arguments/critiques, future directions for research, resources for your audience to learn more about your topic, and a 1/2 page section of how you might teach or explore this issue with

youth (ages are up to you to determine). Your brief must be impeccably cited and your reference page is not included in your page count. This assignment should be visually appealing and come complete with

graphics/imagery which supports your work. You can find resources to get you started at:


You will submit your briefs electronically (method tbd) but also be prepared to present them to the class by printing 2 hard copies, in color to share with your peers on the relevant due dates.

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