Ethics of Acute Care Nurse-Nursing Context

Ethics of Acute Care Nurse
Ethics of Acute Care Nurse

Context of Nursing – Ethics of Acute Care Nurse

1. Apply ethical, social and cultural competency to acute care Registered Nurse dealing with health care obesity in this context in Australia.
2. Demonstrate use of the electronic library databases (see pdf at the end of the page)Report what is in the literature related to obesity and nursing in Australia. In particular;

  • its impact on the role of the registered nurse
  • its impact on the scope of nursing practice
  • its impact on the scope of nursing practice, legal, regulatory, professional, organisational and individual factors that shape nursing practice

Acute Care in Australia, ANMC, strong emphasis will be placed on applying the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse, Codes of Ethics and
Professional Conduct in Australia, Scope of Practice Decision Making tools, and legislation in relation to the Nurses Act for the NSW State Territory in which you work, but also legislation relevant to your specific setting.

Obesity has been identified as a major health issue of the 21st Century. It is an Australian Government priority area.

See the following websites:

3. You are required to write a report related to the impact of overweight and obesity on nursing practice in the acute care registered nurse context. You will relate this to information you have gained in either one or both of the first two topics in this course.
1: The Role of the Registered Nurse
2: The Scope of Nursing Practice
3. 4 refereed journal articles (one must be a research article) in the assessment folder.

Complete a report on the most prominent issue you have found (eg., managing heavy patients/increased length of hypodermic needles/ size of coffins/ body image depression / concern over hospital nutrition).
Must have 4 peer reviewed journal articles

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