Ethnicity, Ideology, and the Media Assignment

Ethnicity, Ideology, and the Media
Ethnicity, Ideology, and the Media

Ethnicity, Ideology, and the Media

Make sure that you use a specific theory / method / framework to relate various articles’ claims to an original appropriate thesis of your own. You need to explain how the claims of each of the articles you use connect to both a specific theory and to your own thesis. Do not submit a “literature review” that simply summarizes what several articles say, but with nothing to explain how a specific theory helps us to gain additional insight into these articles and their claims. Feel free to meet with the professor to discuss possible topics, theories, research, outlines, etc.

Students must demonstrate an ability to develop and sustain a consistent and coherent in-depth well-researched and properly-documented argument using Communication theories and methodologies discussed in this course – not merely list a random assortment of information with no connecting analysis, and not merely summarize research sources without developing an argument of your own.

Students also can use popular press articles, interviews, and other sources, but these must be in addition to the required minimum number of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

Use academic and scholarly articles as guides for appropriate topics and sources, how to format academic work, etc. Extended opinion pieces, “book reports,” tired topics, re-submissions of material from other courses, basic summaries, etc. are not appropriate for this course.

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