Moley robotic kitchen Project Assignment

Moley robotic kitchen Project
Moley robotic kitchen Project

Moley robotic kitchen Project

Moley robotic kitchen & Postal delivery robot project

1. project title and brief description
2. Draw a block diagram, Identify sub-systems & Min.16 methods ch12
3. Identify all stake holders.

4. Identify interfaces/class, char.,integer,float,date,audio,video,…
5. Describe Functional requirements, two lines description of each method
6. Non-functional requirements size, response time,reliability,avail.
7. Select a SW process Model & justify, do not use waterfall.
8. project Mgmt. Plan (App. F), Demo web main page of project and doc.
9. Security/safety concerns

10. Draw activity Table, activity chart and bar chart
11. Identify milestones,deliverable,Critical path.
12. Software duration estimate to develop, test, integrate,deliver(CoCoMo)
13. Software cost estimate to develop, test, integrate,deliver(COCOMO)
14. Draw an overall class diagram & write one detailed design (p 481) for the project
15. Draw UMLs for all classes, state all methods and attributes for each class
16. Draw an overall Sequence diagram, showing all classes and required methods
17. Program Description Language for one method. Ex. P 472.
18. Use of stub and driver in testing.
19. Test plan (function, module, subsystem/class, system)ch15. Hand-in & Demo. professional, technical doc. for your project mid term
20. Maintenance plan,corrective,perfective,adaptive,..
21. Codes changed/used
22. Verification and validation
23. CMM (Capability Maturity Model)
24. CASE tool utilization for your project.
25. Decommission preparation plan
26. Middleware ( 10 examples) , ORB, CORBA, …..
27. Object oriented, Pure object oriented, examples.
28. JAVA/Python/VM features & advantages.
29. Postdelivery maintenance types: outsource or in-house.
30. Activity Log of changes, decisions, modifications and dates.(What,when,who)
31. Hardware, FF,MUX,BUS,ALU,CU,CPU,Control Memory,state diag,
32. Massive parallelism, Neural network, systolic arrays,quantum computing,..

33. Telecomm. 2000pc-1,Hub,switch,corning,router,gateway,fireWall,5G…
34. Robotic Hardware, Software, network, operating system,Algorithm..
35. Robotic programming languages: PDL2,RAPID,AS,KR,VAL3,….
36. Emerging technologies.SW,HW,Telecomm, algorithm, operating systems,Languages

37. Describe IOT,AI, AR,VR, Big data, chatbot,…
38. Draw project HW & comm. state appropriate language,OS,Algorithm,DB,RCASE tool , Hand in final professional project, Demo Web site, APP. & video

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