Euthanasia and assisted suicide Assignment

Euthanasia and assisted suicide
Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

What do you think of euthanasia and/or assisted suicide? In developing your arguments you must refer to, analyze and critique or support the arguments of Nowell-Smith and/or Carmichael and/or Velleman. I would recommend that you choose only one. Since moral reasoning involves the testing of moral principles against cases, include consideration of either the case of Tracy Latimer for euthanasia or Sue Rodiguez for assisted death – the facts of both of these cases are given in Carmichael. For example, did Robert Latimer do anything wrong? Just mention the cases but do not spend too much time giving the details – the majority of the paper is to be analysis of arguments and presenting your own arguments.

Compare and contrast Carmichael and Velleman on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Who do you find more convincing? Why?

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