Eveline Short Story by James Joyce

Eveline Short Story by James Joyce
Eveline Short Story by James                             Joyce

Eveline Short Story by James Joyce

Details of the Assignment
Word count: 500 minimum (you may go over 500 words, but try not to go too far above that).
Format: Introduction paragraph (with clear thesis), three body paragraphs (with clear topic sentences), conclusion paragraph. Use a standard font (Times New Roman, 12 pt font — no fancy colors or fonts). Double space the entire paper (2.0 spacing) but do not add extra spaces between paragraphs. Number the pages (top right-hand corner) and put a heading in the left top corner of Page 1 (Your name, Essay #, Date, Ms. XXXX).

To start this Essay 4, click on this link http://www.online-literature.com/james_joyce/959/ Preview the document. Just be aware that there are some misspelled words in this version.

Next — read the story TWICE.
Specific Criteria for Essay 4
This essay is based solely on the short story, Eveline. You will not have to cite Eveline as a source unless you quote directly from it (if you do, cite the source inside the essay and also provide a Work Cited page with an entry for Joyce’s Eveline). But in the introduction, go ahead and mention the author and title somewhere, to introduce what your paper is going to be about.
The theme of your essay will be about choices and consequences. In Eveline, the main character has an enormous choice to make leave with her fiance, Frank, or stay at home with her father and her job. Each of those choices has life-changing consequences.
Here are the body paragraphs you should have (of course, you’ll also include an intro and conclusion, too).

Body 1 of your essay should examine and explore Eveline’s desire to stay at home. Be detailed about your observations, talking about the story VERY specifically. If you’re too vague in this paragraph, I’ll wonder if you read the story carefully or just skimmed it.
Body 2 of your essay should examine and explore Eveline’s desire to go with Frank (and leave her home). Again, be detailed about your observations, with specific details.
Body 3 should discuss the final choice Eveline made. Why did she make that decision, and what are the potential ripple effects (consequences) for her, for her family, and Frank? Finally, you must also address whether Eveline, in your opinion, made the correct choice or not. (Give strong details from the story to support your answer). In this paragraph, you may talk about yourself, telling whether you would have chosen one way or the other and why. You may use personal or hypothetical examples in this paragraph (you can use I/me or her (for Eveline), but no YOU).

The conclusion will simply restate your thesis and wrap up the essay.
*Each of the body paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence (ask yourself, “What is this whole paragraph about, in a nutshell?”)

I realize that my instructions seem more specific than usual, like a formula, but there is still MUCH room in this paper for your own opinion, your personality, your thoughts, etc. The goal of this essay is two-fold – to examine and evaluate the assigned short story, and to give your own thoughts/opinions about the character’s decision and the consequences.

*NOTE: Although including a direct quote or phrase from the short story “Eveline” is NOT required for Essay 4, for those who DO want to pull a direct quote or two from the story, you’ll need to cite your source. This essay, like all the others, WILL be automatically submitted to Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

Here’s how you do that:

Inside the paper: “blah blah blah” (Joyce). <—the author’s last name

In a separate Works Cited page at the end of your essay:

Work Cited (<–you’d center that title)

Joyce, James. “Eveline.” The Literature Network. 2000. Web. 15 Apr 2016. (<—example date of access at the end – but you’d put your own date of access there).

*Just like all essays in this course, Essay 4 will be automatically entered into the VeriCite plagiarism database.

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