Factors affecting Nintendos Strategy Choice

Factors affecting Nintendos Strategy Choice General and Industry Environment that affect Nintendo’s Choice of Strategy Order Instructions: This is pretty simple: all you need to do is read chapter 2 and answer this 1 question below in 1 page.

Factors affecting Nintendo Strategy Choice Question

1. What were key forces in the (1) general and (2) industry environments that affected Nintendo’s choice of strategy? (Chapter 2)


General and Industry Environment that affect Nintendo’s Choice of Strategy

Nintendo Company is a video game company producing the game console. The choice of strategy they mafe was dependent on general environment and industry environment factors. Some of the general environment factors that affected Nintendo Company strategy include:

Demography: The number of population and the composition of the population affect the environment. Some of the key aspects of demographics that affect Nintendo products include disparities in income level, changes in ethnic population, rising or declining affluence, and aging population.

Factors affecting Nintendo Strategy Choice

Socio-cultural factors: Socio-cultural factors have a huge effect on people’s beliefs, values, and lifestyles. Socio-cultural factors influence people’s perception about Nintendo games. For instance, the age that plays video games varies from one culture to another. The video game is popular among Black American youths for example as compared to Asians and Indians.

Political Factors: Political processes and legislation develop regulations which companies must comply during business operations. Political factors check the company operations. For example, Sarbanes-Oxley helps in improving governance of corporations.

Technological Factors: Innovation and state of knowledge have a huge impact on the Nintendo’s Company. Technology serves to improve video game console by enabling the company to develop high-tech gadgets that are responsive and have enhanced picture quality.

Economic Factors: economic factors such as interest rates, consumer price index, gross domestic income, and gross domestic product affect all industries (Dess et al., 2014). For example, an increase in interest rates reduces the purchasing power of consumers thus reducing demand for Nintendo products.

On the other hand, some of the key industry factors that affected Nintendo’s choice of strategy include;

Factors affecting Nintendo Strategy Choice

Competitors: The number of competitors in the industry has an impact on a company’s choice of strategy. Increasing competition implies that the share of costumers diminishes. Therefore, there is the need for an enhanced business strategy to attract clients as compared to other competitors. Firms use strategies such as advertising, price competition, and enhanced customer service among others to counter competition (Dess et al., 2014).

Suppliers: Suppliers often have a huge impact on business operations. Suppliers can exert bargaining power resulting to increasing price of input thus may compromise the price of goods produced by Nintendo.

Customers: Customers have a huge impact on the choice of strategy that a company should employ. Therefore, knowing and understanding customer help Nintendo in developing and presenting effective marketing campaigns to boost sales and increase revenue.

In conclusion, there are quite some general and industry factors that affect Nintendo’s choice of strategy. Some of the general key factors include: demographic, political, socio-cultural, economic, technological and political factors. On the other hand, industry environment factors include competition, suppliers, and customers.


Factors affecting Nintendo Strategy Choice References

Dess, G. G., McNamara, G., & Eisner, A. B. (2014). Strategic management: Creating competitive advantages. McGraw-Hill Education.


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