Fast Food Nation Supplemental Reader

Fast Food Nation Supplemental Reader This is a reading assignment about the book “Fast Food Nation”. Please see the document below.

Fast Food Nation Supplemental Reader
Fast Food Nation Supplemental Reader
  1. Supplemental Reader Assignment, Fast Food Nation

Please type your answers on this form.  Only typed assignments are acceptable.   Please include a paragraph response for all questions, 4-6 complete sentences. You must include specific references from the book on all answers for maximum credit.

What, in your opinion, is the main purpose of this book?

  1. What are the key questions or dilemmas that the author is addressing?
  2. The methods used to answer the key questions are? In other words, the author’s conclusions are based on what type of research and/or data? The author supports his/her assertions with what evidence/examples? Are the examples effective? Why? Why not?
  3. In your own opinion, the most important information in this book is what?
  4. What is the main assumption underlying the author’s thinking?
  5. Please list the three most important passages from the book. Make sure to cite page numbers. Please list the passages, the page #, as well as why you feel they are significant.
  6. How has the author of this book challenged your beliefs on this subject ______?

(Did he/she create any discomfort for you? Why? You may use the first person ìIî to answer this question)

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