The Effect of Social Media Argumentative Essay

The Effect of Social Media Argumentative Essay Please write my essay by the following rules and I will insert links for you to have information to write in the body paragraph. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY AND DO WELL IN THE BODY PARAGRAPHS LIKE PARAPHRASE AND USE THE SOURCES I SENT YOU.

The Effect of Social Media Argumentative Essay
The Effect of Social Media Argumentative Essay

The Effect of Social Media on College Students’ Mental Health

Argue your side of social media’s effect on the mental health of college students. Does a social medium cause depression, loneliness, anxiety? Do social media disrupt peace and happiness of college students?

Use at least one of Aristotle’s appeals for persuasion. Your job is to convince your audience/reader, UIC college students. Be sure that the focus is your argument for this genre. Your opinion reigns supreme, then use the opinion of published folks as evidence that someone agrees with you. Do not confuse this with a research paper where your opinion is rarely mentioned.

Paragraph 1 ñ Introduction

Give background such as definitions for terms you will use in the paper including, but not limited to: social media (Which sites? What makes media social?); college students (global, American, Chicagoan?); peace/happiness (Describe this state.); (depression/anxiety/loneliness, choose one or two or all and describe).

End the paragraph with a clear thesis statement that shows the side you chose to argue and the reasons that your argument is correct. You will use these reasons to foreshadow the body paragraphs.

Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ñ Body

State your claim in the topic sentence. Include the how or why. This should NOT be a simple sentence.

Alternatively state the naysayer’s opinion in the topic sentence. Then explain the naysayers’ position before destroying said opinion with evidence.

Be sure to integrate evidence to support your argument as well as analyze this evidence.

Paragraph 5- Conclusion

Briefly summarize your argument in the topic sentence. Offer future implications of your argument that describe potential solutions if social media is a problem or potential benefits if helpful.

Works Cited on separate page.

The Sources: (Use every 2 in each body paragraphs – total 3 body paragraph)

Has social media changed college life?

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