Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company

Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company Identifying a Feature Enhancement and Making the Suggestion to the Company of the Service.

Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company
Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company

This assignment has you identifying a feature enhancement and making the suggestion to the company of the service. You are to select an online application/service that you like to use and then make a suggestion to them an improvement that you would like to see. This is a great skill to develop and use on a regular basis.

Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company Reference

Learning Objectives:
This assignment provides you experience in participating in enhancing an IS and supports the objectives of this course and particularly Ch 12 of the
Determine which online application/service you want to make a recommendation to
Go to the site and locate how to submit a suggestion
Re”search” if necessary how to do this for this app/service
Look at the bottom of the site, under contract, under support
Conduct a search on the site using, “submit a request,” or something similar
Submit Suggestion
Describe the current situation and why you are suggesting the improvement
Describe clearly your suggestion

Feature Identification Enhancement of Service Company Submit Suggestion

Capture your submission for inclusion with this assignment
Copy the text before submitting
Copy their response after you submit
Create a professional document
Assignment Response Document
Complete this assignment on your own. Create a document that answers:
Identify the application/service that you made the recommendation to
List the URL
Describe why you decided on this application and this suggestion
What was missing from this app/service that made you think of this suggestion
Describe your suggestion
How does your suggestion solve above
Describe your experience in submitting this suggestion
Provide documentation of what you submitted and company response as attachments to this assignment
Write a conclusion that discusses the value of having the ability to suggest features to a company on their products

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