Funding in Health and Social care Organisations

Funding in Health and Social care Organisations
Funding in Health and Social care Organisations

Funding in Health and Social care Organisations

Bidding and Funding in Health and Social care Organisations
A written assignment of 3,500 words which evidences application of knowledge and skills of funding processes in order to construct a funding bid relating to a relevant are of welfare provision
Demonstrate a critical understanding of the challenges and opportunities of different funding streams within the health and social care sector

including service level agreements, partnership working,commissioning and the provision of services, pay particular attention to the framing and construction of bids, needs analysis and context of outcome based evaluation.

A specific focus will be placed on commissioning and procurement of services

In this work you will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of;

1. declining charitable and community funds
2. political shift towards ‘strategic funding’
3. increased competition for funding
4. the different types of funding available
5. procurement,gifts and earned income
6. performance evaluation
7. consideration of the appropriateness of a source of funding
8. legal implications of partnership working
9. income generation and managing the money
10.understanding organisational costs.

You will need to use Harvard referencing system to show clearly the sources of material used and when you are quoting the words of other writers.
Demonstrate your research by referring to more than one type of source(text,journals,credible websites,professional literature etc)
Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical concerns within the subject of assessment.

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